Welcome to Uncle Benit

Uncle Benit take great pleasure in unveiling our glittering new collection of premier products, exquisitely designed & meticulously crafted and truly represent the acme of the hosiery art.  Each piece is an epitome of painstaking craftsmanship and is at par with international quality standard.

  • Caps is manufactured in India.  It is manufactured using a ribbed, knit cardigan weave that conforms closely to the head white maintaining its shape.  Will keep you warm and dry when the going gets cold and wet.

  • Stainless steel wool is the first choice for muffler packing by many muffler manufacturer’s and professional racers worldwide. To be efficient as a sound reducer, a muffler must decrease the velocity of the exhaust gases and either absorb sound waves. 

  • High quality multicolour fashionable winter woollen gloves for Men's. Comfortable to wear and a mature looks. Manufactured with advance technology under the supervision of professionals, it fits perfectly to person above 15 years and keeps hand warm.

  • Wool socks are useful for some cold situations; but, like cotton, they absorb water. Wool socks do however, retain the ability to insulate when wet, but this can lead to the undesirable hot-and-sweaty scenario.

  • Uncle Benit will serve you unique variations of leggings at a very low price. You are certain to get the chance to see many types of leggings. Uncle Benit offers unique discounts on various functions. 

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